Overdenture dental implants supported - alternative for All on four

Complete dentures are a nuisance for people who use them. The problem worsens over time, when the alveolar ridge resorption (bone) is increasing, which causes a deterioration in the stability of the prosthesis.

A patient with toothless jaw and residual teeth in the mandible with progressive bone atrophy and discomfort caused by moving prostheses reported to our clinic. The treatment plan provided for the removal of the tooth in the mandible, implantation of the dental implants and placement of the prosthesis on the telescopes.

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On the first visit, the impressions were taken and based on them, wax models of immediate dentures were made, which will be embedded immediately after the procedure.

 immediate denture, Poland Poznan

In the picture, the fitting of immediate dentures.

The surgical procedure consists in implantation of 4 dental implants in between mandibular foramens ...

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and immediate loading with prostheses. The connection - telescopes made of a gold alloy.

all-on-4, titanium dental implants, gold alloy telescopes

After implantation, a prosthesis is prepared to attach the telescopes.

 development of prosthesis

The whole procedure takes about 2 hours. after which the patient leaves the office with the prosthesis based on implants. Ankylos SynCone Concept is an alternative to another implant treatment All-on-4.

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After 12-20 weeks after implantation, the prosthesis can be replaced with a porcelain bridge cemented permanently on 4 implants.