All on 4 - All on 6 - dental bridge implants supported

It is a solution for edentoulus people who appreciate the stability of prosthetic solutions in the oral cavity. These bridges are usually fixed on 4 implants in the mandible (lower dental arch) or 6 implants in the jaw (upper dental arch). The necessary condition for this type of surgery is the right amount and quality of the jaw and mandible bone, which the implantologist evaluates on the basis of a 3-dimensional study - computed tomography. all on 4, dental implants, overdenture
All on 4 - Dental bridge 4 implants supported
allon4, dental implants Pozna, mdental bridge implants
All on 4 - dental implants -bridge
allon6, All on 6 - dental implants -bridge
All on 6 - dental implants - dental bridge