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teeth bleaching Poznan

For natural white teethThe tooth whitening with WHITEsmile gels is a process that dissolves the discoloration in the enamel by an oxygen reaction. Most common reasons for darker teeth are coloring food and beverages. The procedure is non-invasive for your teeth and gives you a perfect smile. A professional tooth cleaning is recommended before each tooth whitening treatment.

Light Bleaching WHITEsmile

teeth bleaching

Tip: Tooth Whitening before restorative treatments!Prosthetic treatments, such as inlays, crowns or implants cannot be altered in color when placed. Benefit now from professional tooth whitening and get your brightest smile now.

What do I need to think about after the treatment?For at least 4 hours (minimum) after whitening, please refrain from consuming tea, coffee, red wine, cigarettes etc., as this will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.